Welcome to Giorgio’s where Italian and Greek food amazes the senses and the atmosphere makes you feel at the Mediterranean. Order wine, cocktails or a famous Martini to go with any meal and you will be awed. All our food is handmade from scratch and fuses two historical cultures to give you a taste of history. Originally opened in 1996 as a small eatery, we have come a long way. In 2001 the first full restaurant opened in Merrimack and in 2006 our second location opened in Milford.

Come in and visit us here at Giorgio’s and enjoy the atmosphere. Both locations are filled with history, art, and architecture that will make your meal even more enjoyable. With a knowledgeable staff of over 70 you will never feel neglected at Giorgio’s. Kindness and hospitality abounds at Giorgio’s. We offer a great variety of meals with great prices.

A family run restaurant, the Sklavounos’, make sure everyone feels taken care of while offering a dining experience for every member of the family. Whether it’s a quick night out or a special occasion here at Giorgio’s you’ll never be disappointed. Come join us tonight and find community, history, and a great place to eat.

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