Eat Italian to Celebrate!

Eat Italian to Celebrate!

DessertsTradition, tradition, tradition! Italian culture is so diverse and rich in its historical significance from the Roman Empire through the Vatican City to its abolishment of the monarchy in 1946. Italy, over the years, has grown in the world’s eye and it’s created a culture of family, celebration, and food. The three aspects all go together well and intertwine to create tradition. As the world changed, more Italians came to the United States. So they brought these traditions with them, bringing us some wonderful Italian restaurants like Giorgio’s Risorante & Bar.


In many cases in Italy, the culture ties holidays and history to food. Pastas and lentils are a great way to usher in good fortune with New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day according to Italian tradition. Lasagne, on the other hand, pairs better with the Carnivale of Venice. So with a holiday named Fat Tuesday, food is of the utmost importance. While some of these traditions, like serving fish dishes on Christmas, are tied to religion, the reasoning for serving sweets on Epiphany is simply celebration! Who needs another reason to feast on some delicious limoncello marscarpone torte? Not to mention, Italian restaurants keep this history alive.


Being Italian in America means that there is a certain separation from the festivals of Italy. Not everybody can get out to Italy for Women’s Day and the accompanying mimosas, or Easter and the pastiera at the end of the meal. Luckily the tradition of good food came over with the people who make it. Giorgio’s has food for any celebration that comes up with a classic Italian and Mediterranean menu including Maria’s Tiramisu and Wild Mushroom Raviolo “Carbonara”. As one of the best Italian restaurants in New Hampshire, they keep the tradition alive and your stomach full. If you can’t make it to Italy to experience the traditions firsthand, experience their food as often as you want. Make every day a celebration with Giorgio’s!