Fun Facts About Italian Cooking

Fun Facts About Italian Cooking

Tradition, tradition, tradition. For years, tradition has been credited with the success of Italian cooking in the United States. However, not everybody knows tradition like they think they do. Some of the best restaurants in NH could use a reminder about what real Italian cooking is with these fun facts. Here at Giorgio’s, our commitment to tradition and ability to use traditional skills to make new dishes just for you helps us stay the best around.

Chicken Parmesan from lunch menu

There’s no such thing as Italian Wedding Soup

At least, not in Italy, there isn’t. Many people in the United States have tried Italian Wedding Soup in their lifetime. However, very few in Italy have. This dish came about from mixing traditional Italian soup with American cuisine.

Pepperoni Pizza Doesn’t Come From Italy

Pepperoni pizza as we understand it in America is vastly different from what you’d receive in Italy. For example, their “peperoni” with only one P in the middle means bell pepper. In fact, they don’t have sausages resembling our pepperoni in Italy.

Real Pizza is Simple

When you order pizza at any of the best restaurants in NH, you’re used to ordering some pretty extravagant dishes. You can get Blackened Chicken Pizza, Mediterranean Veggie, or any other toppings you’d like. However, in Italy pizza is just a thin crust topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil.

There Isn’t That Much Garlic

Everybody knows that garlic is a big spice when it comes to Italian cooking. One thing people don’t know is that garlic is used more often in Italian American cuisine than it is traditional Italian food. Less is more when it comes to seasoning for Italians. They know the real secret to a delicious dish in the freshness of the ingredients.

Spaghetti and Meatballs isn’t Italian

Spaghetti is Italian. Meatballs are Italian. Spaghetti and meatballs as a dish, on the other hand, is not authentic Italian. This came from pairing two favorite Italian foods together. Most pasta in Italy won’t come topped with meat unless they are cooked “al Forno”.

Bread Isn’t an Appetizer

Everybody in the US is used to getting bread at the beginning of their meal. In Italy, a similar occurrence will happen. Yet, in Italy, the bread isn’t a starter. When waiters bring you bread in Italy, it is so you can use the bread to mop up the sauce of your dishes. This is why their bread will be plain so that the flavor will come primarily from the chef’s dishes.

When choosing where to eat from the best restaurants in NH, remember what tradition is and what is created. Giorgio’s is the perfect middle ground where authentic Italian food meets American innovation. Visit us at one of our three convenient locations or check out our menu online.