Fun Facts About Italian Cooking

Tradition, tradition, tradition. For years, tradition has been credited with the success of Italian cooking in the United States. However, not everybody knows tradition like they think they do. Some of the best restaurants in NH could use a reminder about what real Italian cooking is with these fun facts. Here at Giorgio’s, our commitment […]

Top Five Menu Items from Giorgios

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what a restaurant has to offer before you sit down at the table. That’s one reason the internet is so helpful. You can type in a restaurant’s name, and their menu will pop right up for you. Here at Giorgio’s, we go that one step further than other Italian […]

What Does the Mediterranean Taste Like?

Food has been a uniting force in the world since the beginning of time. Back in the day, Cro-magnon humans would come together to hunt mammoths for food. Fast forward some hundred thousand years, and you have Italy, circa the Roman Empire. This noble country celebrated major holidays with feasts of all their favorite foods […]

4 Reasons to Eat More Pasta

Pasta is a staple of nearly every culture around the world. Pasta originated in China centuries ago and was adopted by Mediterranean cultures through trade between the regions. Maybe the most renowned for their pasta is the Italian culture. Everybody has had spaghetti and meatballs at some point in their life. Pasta has so many […]

The Value of Good Food at the Best Restaurants in New Hampshire

In January of 2018 alone, food in America saw an inflation rate of 1.7. The rate of inflation on food has continued to rise all year and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. In this political climate, changing climate, and the disparaging gap in wealth, food prices will continue to rise and […]

The Importance of Dinner and a Movie with Giorgio’s

Dinner and a movie have been a date night staple since silent films were a mainstay of entertainment. Though movies have evolved into “talkies”, date nights stayed the same with this classic pairing. Perhaps it’s because it’s one of those rare kinds of dates that can grow with you as your relationship grows from first […]

Eat Italian to Celebrate!

Tradition, tradition, tradition! Italian culture is so diverse and rich in its historical significance from the Roman Empire through the Vatican City to its abolishment of the monarchy in 1946. Italy, over the years, has grown in the world’s eye and it’s created a culture of family, celebration, and food. The three aspects all go […]

These Are The Best Giorgio’s Deals

While dining out, it’s always a nice bonus when you get to save some money. If you’re feeling a bit budget-conscious but still want to have delicious food for a meal, Giorgio’s is your ideal destination. Not only do we cook food that’s sure to please, but we’re also proud to offer exciting deals that […]

Three Unique Things You Can Only Find at Giorgio’s

Going out to dinner can be an adventure if you throw yourself into new surroundings. Whether that means trying new dishes or going somewhere new entirely, trying something new and unique is exciting for someone to do. If you’re looking for a different type of Italian restaurant in NH, visit Giorgio’s. You’ll find some cool […]

More Than Your Average Italian Restaurant

To stand out from the rest of the pack, you need to offer something fresh and exciting. Whether that means doing something the best or just providing something completely unique, it sets you apart. Giorgio’s may seem like any other Italian restaurant in NH at first glance, but we do so much more – and […]

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