Merrimack Outlets + Giorgio’s: The Perfect Day Out!

Merrimack Outlets + Giorgio’s: The Perfect Day Out!

So, you have some extra cash and time to spend. Sometimes, the options available to us are overwhelming. It gets hard to figure out what to do with our day. Whether you’re spending time by yourself or want to get together with some friends or family, Giorgio’s has the perfect solution: visit the Merrimack Outlets!

Shopping is a low-commitment, fun activity that just about everyone gets excited about, so you’ll certainly find someone to join you!  The outlets has plenty to offer, which is great and perfect for those who love to shop!

There’s nothing that hits the spot like a bit of shopping, and the Merrimack Outlets are second to none. Carrying many brands at competitive outlet prices, it’s a shopping enthusiast’s dream come true. You’ll find plenty of exciting options to fill out your wardrobe or store away for later.

To cap off the night, visit our Merrimack location. We’re happy to serve hungry shoppers, and there is no shortage of options at our restaurant. From hearty Italian dishes to Mediterranean favorites, we have something that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters! We offer all of the atmosphere and quality service of a fine dining restaurant without a hefty price tag.

Merrimack, New Hampshire is a lovely place to visit. Having a location in this area makes us proud, and we believe it is easy to make a completely fun day out of all the city has to offer – especially if you visit the outlets and Giorgio’s.

Once explore the city and shop your heart out at the Merrimack Outlets, come to Giorgio’s for delicious food served with care. Call our Merrimack location at (603)-883-7333 and see what we can do for you today. We offer both private and catered dining, and love to serve you.