The Importance of Dinner and a Movie with Giorgio’s

The Importance of Dinner and a Movie with Giorgio’s

Dinner and a movie have been a date night staple since silent films were a mainstay of entertainment. Though movies have evolved into “talkies”, date nights stayed the same with this classic pairing. Perhaps it’s because it’s one of those rare kinds of dates that can grow with you as your relationship grows from first date status to married with kids. Maybe it’s the convenience of the movie giving you something to talk about at dinner. The best way to pick what to eat is to match the food to the genre of movie you want to see. Giorgio’s Ristorante & Bar in three convenient locations across New Hampshire has Italian and Mediterranean food to go with every genre.


Matinee and the Lunch Menu

Any matinee, whether it’s a horror movie or an Oscar-contender, pairs well with lunch. You come out of the dark movie theater and the sun is shining and you’re ready for food and to dissect the scenes you just watched. For only $9.99, Giorgio’s offers Zeus’ Lightning Express Lunch. You can pair a soup and a salad with any of their lunch entrees. While you and your date discuss the moral high ground of a Marvel supervillain, you can try the minestrone soup, Caesar salad, and Spartan Lamb Gyro for example.

Animation and the Children’s Menu

Animation isn’t just for children. We’ve all been anticipating Pixar’s The Incredibles 2, but even if date night has gone from a one-on-one with your significant other, to you two reeling in a toddler or two, dinner and movie is fun for everyone. After watching a new Dreamworks or Studio Ghibli film, Giorgio’s has plenty to choose from for dinner. They have classic takes on Italian dishes like their Little G Chicken and Spinach Risotto and their Little G Ziti with Meatball.

Blockbuster and the Dinner Menu

It’s blockbuster season and movies for everyone are hitting theaters. You can see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Skyscraper or Cher in Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again to entertain you. Once you’ve seen the heroes save the day or fail miserably trying, you can head to Giorgio’s and talk about how Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard had great chemistry in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom while you have great chemistry with your date and Giorgio’s delicious Lobster Ravioli or Blackened Ribeye.


The options are endless with dinner and a movie. Seeing a horror movie? Try an appetizer like Giorgio’s Crispy Chicken Pops. It’s lighter on the stomach. Seeing a comedy? Come by for some drinks at the bar. In three convenient locations, Giorgio’s after a movie is just as classic as date nights themselves.