Top Five Menu Items from Giorgios

Top Five Menu Items from Giorgios

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what a restaurant has to offer before you sit down at the table. That’s one reason the internet is so helpful. You can type in a restaurant’s name, and their menu will pop right up for you. Here at Giorgio’s, we go that one step further than other Italian restaurants in NH. We have so many delicious dishes that making a decision can be impossible. Have no fear because here are our top ten menu items to try!

Meze & Raw Bar

Dips with Pita

Our new Greek & Italian Snacks section is filled with tasty choices. With our dips and pita, your sure to start your meal on a good note. Our dips include beet and yogurt, Santorinian fava puree, tzatziki, quinoa tomato salad, spicy feta dip, and Waldorf chicken curry dip. No matter which dip you choose, your taste buds will thank you.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

The next step in your meal may be an appetizer. If you start perusing our apps menu, you’ll see many new choices like the Saganaki “Opa!”, the Wings of Change, and the Salmon & Crab Napoleon. We recommend the bacon wrapped scallops. It’s a delicious and succulent mix of surf and turf in a portion that won’t fill you up too much before your meal comes.

Blackened Chicken Pizza

If your stomach is pointing you in the direction of our pizza menu, you’re in for a treat. We have classic choices like the Garlic Margherita and the Mediterranean Veggie. However, we recommend trying our new Blackened Chicken Pizza. We use a smoked tomato sauce paired with red onion, tomatoes, feta, and mozzarella. The pizza is topped with blackened chicken and pickled cabbage to give your taste buds a delight.


Giorgio’s continually strives to be one of the best Italian restaurants in NH. To prove our place as the best, we’ve added an entirely new Chef’s Creations menu with dishes like Vegetarian Noodles, Braised Short-Rib Mac-N-Cheese, and the Surf & Turf. We recommend trying our souvlaki. This Greek classic comes in either chicken, beef, or lamb so everybody can enjoy it.

Dessert Sampler

What’s dinner without a little dessert? Even better, a lot of desserts. Our Dessert Sampler offers a taste of four of our mini desserts. You can choose from mouth-watering dishes like our mini chocolate mousse, chocolate almond bonbon, raspberry blood orange sorbet, mink baklava ice cream, mini creme brulee, or mini Maria’s Tiramisu.

The next times you’re looking for Italian restaurants in NH, look no further than Giorgio’s. In three convenient locations, we have menu items old and new that will satisfy all your cravings. Visit us at our locations in Merrimack, Manchester, or Milford, or visit us online!