What Does the Mediterranean Taste Like?

What Does the Mediterranean Taste Like?

Food has been a uniting force in the world since the beginning of time. Back in the day, Cro-magnon humans would come together to hunt mammoths for food. Fast forward some hundred thousand years, and you have Italy, circa the Roman Empire. This noble country celebrated major holidays with feasts of all their favorite foods and wines. Now, here we are in the present, still using food as a source of culture and socializing. Mediterranean cultures like Italy and Greece have always put a focus on food. With one of the best restaurants in NH, Giorgio’s is here so you can experience exactly what the Mediterranean tastes like.

The baby kale fruit and cheese salad from Giorgio's lunch menu

Baby Kale, Fruit, and Cheese

Food is all about the sensation. A tasty dish will mix a variety of flavors together to create an experience for your mouth. That’s precisely what Giorgio’s baby kale, fruit, and cheese salad will do for you.

Caprese Bruschetta

These little dishes will give you everything you’ve been needing. Caprese is a Mediterranean classic that pairs mozzarella and basil. Mixed with other staples like olive oil, balsamic, and crispy garlic this dish is sure to satisfy. Who wouldn’t love tomato-olive-caper salsa in the same bite?

Prosciutto and Fresh Mozzarella Pizza

When you think Italy, you probably think of pizza. For generations, America has been trying to make the best pizzas around. However, nothing beats the original. The chef’s at Giorgio’s know what it takes to make a real pizza, and so they top there’s with the finest prosciutto and delicious mozzarella.

Chicken, Beef, of Lamb Souvlaki

What makes Giorgio’s one of the best restaurants in NH is their souvlaki. Their souvlaki is served on skewers with crispy zucchini strings. Paired with 5-grain and bell pepper melange risotto, and roasted tomato-olive-caper salsa, what’s not to love?

Spartan Lamb Gyro

Despite how us Americans love to say “gee-roh,” the proper pronunciation is “yee-roh.” The gyros at Giorgio’s consist of 100% ground American lamb seasoned in the Greek style. Wrapped in a pita, your Spartan Lamb Gyro comes with fries, tomatoes, red onions, and tzatziki sauce.

Baklava Ice Cream

Don’t forget dessert. Baklava is a honey flavored, flaky pastry whose flavors translate perfectly to ice cream. At Giorgio’s, they fold their baklava into Jake’s vanilla ice cream to make every bite sweet and delectable.

Some of the greatest foods in the world come from the Mediterranean region. With so many naturally grown flavors like olive oil and tomatoes, Greek and Italian food hold something for the whole family to enjoy. Don’t wait. Go to one of the best restaurants in NH today. For their full menu, visit Giorgio’s online or visit one of their three convenient locations!